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Saltire Investigations offers a discreet private investigator and detective service. We provide investigators in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Inverness and most cities within Scotland and the rest of the UK. Many of our private investigators are drawn from military backgrounds and can provide accurate results in complete confidence. We investigate cases of all sizes, from small to large for individuals and also business clients.

Our extensive experience and quality of personnel allows us to offer a very wide range of services. We can provide answers to almost any problem.

Private Investigator Fife area
Private Detective and Counter Surveillance Edinburgh area


Private Investigations

Our Private investigators can carry out unfaithful partner investigations and surveillance. We can investigate a persons movements and communications. We investigate insurance claims, work and employee issues, bugging, and background checks. We also provide evidence for criminal defence and appeals.

We can search for hidden assets in the UK and offshore. Provide financial details, fraud and internet scams, counterfeit goods and false companies and money laundering.

Our private detectives can offer forensic investigations including DNA testing and matching checks. Provide body fluid and semen testing, finger printing and finger print matching, handwriting and computer forensics. We have detectives, and offshore personnel able to investigate worldwide. In addition we have an investigator able to trace and find missing persons, family and birth parents. We also offer effective counter intelligence and counter surveillance services. These include bug sweeping, together with risk assessment and protection.

Investigation success

We pride ourselves on being able to accept most investigations including complex and difficult cases. We are often able to achieve results when clients have thought the case to be too difficult or impossible. This success is achieved by the experience and background of our private investigators and the attention given to detail and client support.

Know the Facts

It may be that you need an investigator to find the truth about something or someone. We guarantee that we will help and support you, and complete our work carefully and in confidence.

We all have the right to know the truth about something that affects us. We can reveal the facts and provide the evidence allowing you to make an informed decision.

We offer

  • The highest possible professional standards.
  • Investigators with Military backgrounds.
  • Total discretion - maintaining our clients privacy.
  • Very wide range of investigation services.
  • Helpful advice given on the best and most effective options.
  • Investigations UK and worldwide.
  • Professional and reliable results.

Talk to us

Talk to us and we will advise on the best answers to your needs. All details discussed with us will be in complete confidence. We will listen to issues with patience and give helpful advice where needed.

Contact us

We ask you to contact us on 0800 619 0560 or 07846 800111 (24 hours) and talk to an investigator or visit the contact page to get in touch and request further details.